18. October 2021

Are you interested in sports betting with Bitcoin?

We have been asked a lot about our article about the best Bitcoin casinos where you can win Bitcoins. You wanted more details, so we jumped at the opportunity to write a more complete summary.

If you like online gaming (sports betting and casino betting) and are interested in Bitcoin, then read the article thoroughly. To help you get a better understanding of this fabulous world of online gambling, we decided to focus on one of the best BTC betting places online: 1xbit.com. We had already told you about this site and had already ranked it as one of the best online sports betting sites in Bitcoin. Now we will explain to you how it works and why it is still a top site if you are interested in online gaming.

Why choose 1xBit.com for Bitcoin sports betting?

Bitcoin sports betting1xBit is a company, launched in 2016, that has already won over thousands of players worldwide. In France, it remains one of the most used online sports betting sites by the crypto-enthusiasts. Indeed, you can bet in Bitcoin and therefore win Bitcoins.

If you are looking for a complete site offering a wide range of online games, then, clearly, this is the site for you. On the online gambling site, you can bet on your favorites. However, 1xBit is not only a sports betting site, it is also a site for online gambling and casinos. On it you can find all types of games you are interested in.

Also, the mobile version is very accessible and easy to use. If you like to gamble on your way to work or something else, this is a great option. You can bet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never closes and that’s the magic of online gaming sites, especially for those that accept Bitcoin.

The platform provides us with precise instructions and rules, reliable statistics, and convenient and secure payment methods. For all these reasons, betting with it becomes child’s play. What’s more, registration is quick and easy and we can get started and bet with just one click.

What online games are available at 1xBit.com?

The site is very complete as we have already told you in terms of game offerings. Here are the types of games you will find on the site:

  • Sportsbook/ Sports betting – The advantage of sportsbook/ sports betting is that you can choose the region/country you want to bet on. This makes betting easier because you can find the teams you are interested in more easily. To place sports bets, simply click on the “You can access this tab via their tab””. From the drop-down list that appears, choose “Bet on your national team”. In addition to sports betting, you will find a separate tab to go directly to “Match of the day”. This is live and live, just the way you like it. So you can bet on sports events that are currently taking place all over the world. Also, all sports are represented: from volleyball to basketball to e-sport games. Of course soccer is also present, but as you expect with focus on the male soccer leagues.
  • Live games: “Live games” and “live casino games” are two different things at 1xBit.com. The “Live Games” tab contains real live games that you can bet on right away! You can even see live streaming videos of competitions in eSports. Of course, it’s not only eSports that you can bet on. Traditional games are also present. You can even bet on “cockfights”. Yes, you read that right! There are cockfights where you can bet and win money according to your own taste. Next time we will write an article to explain – if you don’t know the rules – how it works.
  • Live Casino: The Live Casino area is very different from all the other online casinos you may have seen in other online casino sites. Usually online casinos work with 2 or 3 casino game providers. At 1xBit.com, the choice of game providers is huge! You should also know that each game provider has a dozen games to offer. So you can literally have a blast with all the games available. Play and bet on roulette, try blackjack, baccarat, and of course, uncontrollable poker.
  • Classic Games: Due to the number of games you are able to play here at 1xBit.com, I have separated the games tab into “Normal Games”, like you play here. I mean, of all the options you have, your basic games become normal games in no time. Here, in their “Games” tab, you can play blackjack, different scratch games, wheel of fortune games and other different games.
  • Lottery and slot machines: Their lottery games can be found under the “More” tab. Here you can choose between two different lottery games, one of the national lottery draws that exist worldwide and the other a site lottery itself. In other words, you will be able to wager and bet on well-known games such as the Power Ball at 1xBit.com.

How do I register on 1xBit.com to make sports bets?

It’s very easy to create an account at 1xBit.com; you have the choice between a classic and a manual registration where you register by entering your email and password. So you can also choose to register in one click or in this case, the site will send you your password directly. There, you can of course change the password afterwards. Double your deposit.

I have to admit, when it comes to online casinos, it’s really great to have a site that offers not only a wide variety of games, but also a good financial reward. At 1xBit.com, you can double your bet as soon as you sign up! Personally this is the element that made us choose this site. If you’re interested too, here are the bonuses and features a player can take advantage of:

  1. On your first deposit: In order to take advantage of the financial bonuses, you must first create an account with 1xbit.com. A minimum deposit of at least 5 mBTC is required to benefit from the bonus. The bonuses are then credited directly to your account almost instantly.
  2. Unlimited Refund Bonus: This is clearly a very rare bonus on online gaming sites. At 1xbit.com, you receive bonus points every time you place a bet! You earn points if you win a bet or not! As long as you have placed a bet, bonus points will be automatically credited to your account. Again, this happens instantly.
  3. Accumulation of the day: This feature can automatically increase the odds by 10% over the usual odds indicated on the site. You may like to play games of chance, but increasing the odds of winning can clearly put you in the balance!
  4. Advancebet: This is a feature found on the site. How does it work? An advance bet is offered based on the evaluation of the potential returns from your bets. In concrete terms, this means that if you have bets in progress and the total amount of bets on potential winnings is higher than what you currently have, then you can place an Advancebet. This is a kind of anticipation of bets.

So far, I think you are already tempted to bet online at, right? But, our explanation is not finished yet. Let’s take a closer look at the other advantages and functioning of the site.

How do you deposit funds into your account?

deposit btc fundsYou know that these are online gambling sites paid in Bitcoin and crypto-currency. Typically a Bitcoin sports betting site, right? So you should already be familiar with crypto-money in general and already have some. You cannot credit your account with your credit card, for example.

Yes, this is the particularity of Bitcoin sports betting sites by the way. Likewise, your winnings are also in Bitcoin and you can exchange them later in dollars or euros. But, if you’re looking for anonymity, it’s clearly an ideal plan for you that online gambling sites accept Bitcoin.

If you don’t have Bitcoin or crypto-money yet, you can read our article here to buy some simply by credit card on coinbase, for example. Please be aware that 1xBit.com accepts a lot of cryptocurrencies.

Advantages and disadvantages of 1xBit.com

The advantages

  • A wide range of games and sports to bet on
  • The site accepts Bitcoins and many crypto-currencies.
  • Access to live competitions
  • Promotions and deposit bonuses
  • An ultra-fast inscription.
  • A site in 52 languages and accessible to all the sisters around the world.
  • A customer service 24/7
  • No deposit and withdrawal fees


  • A site that may seem too dense (many proposals)
  • No financing other than by cryptographic currencies


For us, this site is perfect! If you’re looking for a Bitcoin online gaming site where you can bet on almost anything, 1xBit.com should come to mind. Please note that we do not endorse online gambling and casino sites. You should bet that if you already know something about online gambling sites. For example we like to play the occasional Bitcoin online casino, but we only invest money that we can afford to lose. That’s what makes the game even more exciting! And when you bet, the payout is even better! Now all we have to do is hope that luck is smiling on all of us!