25. September 2021

What P2P Connections Mean For Destiny 2 Online Gaming

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Will Destiny 2 use P2P for online play and will it be good or bad for users?

While the first Destiny did not have much acceptance among the users, being one of the many cases of a game that promised a lot and then did not offer so much, the second delivery of this game promises to fix many bugs and offer a better game experience. In addition, Destiny 2, one of the most expected games of 2017, will also arrive to PC, unlike the first delivery.

Destiny 2 will not have dedicated servers, and will make use of P2P

Online is the main facet of this game, and although the developers have confirmed that the progress of the first game will not be transferred to the second delivery (all players will have to start from scratch), they have revealed how the game will work online. This information comes a week after Bungie revealed a gameplay trailer of the game in a presentation.

Unfortunately, the game will not have dedicated servers as the big releases usually do to offer good stability on the Internet without depending on games created by other people. Some developers from other companies claim that the game could have even reached 60 FPS on PS4 Pro if loads like physics and AI had been outsourced to dedicated servers, but sadly the game will only go to 30 FPS on consoles.

Bad experience for users; savings for developers

Instead, Destiny 2 will have a hybrid system of dedicated servers and P2P technology. In this way, its creators claim that “the game experience will be better for the users”, but they do not specify how. If a user becomes the host, it is clear that the game experience will be better for him, having 0 ping as he is playing on the local server, but for the rest of the players this experience may not be as good as they promise.

In addition, we have other game experiences where it has been proven that P2P is not a good system to play online. For example, GTA V uses this system, and the result is really dull, since the falls in the games are constant, unless a group of players use their own gaming, which is a private server hosted by somebody else. This is a sign of clear contempt by a company in order to create a game with a solid structure and with an investment in money.

Destiny 2’s objective is to maximize the profit and minimize the cost, and that’s why the dedicated servers don’t fit into making the game as profitable as possible. With a dedicated server, all players get the same experience.

With respect to avoiding cheating on PCs, the team states that they are including all types of security measures in the game, although sooner or later they will end up being published all types of “chetos” as happens in the vast majority of games.

P2P, which has a bad reputation for being used mostly for piracy, also has other very useful uses for legal content, such as free operating system distributions to avoid server management costs.